Help us spread the word of our sustainable and earth beneficial probiotic cleaning products!

Have you wondered if your favourite restaurant is using environmentally friendly cleaning products that are food safe?

With multiple Synbio Shield products receiving MPI approval in 2023, many restaurants are switching to our Earth Beneficial cleaning concentrates to protect their equipment, their staff's health and, of course - their customers!

Refer* a hospitality business to Synbio Shield and if they become a customer - you'll receive a free Synbio Interior Concentrate 1L.

T&C apply:

  1. For every referred business which purchases Synbio Shield products worth for a total of $150 by 31 March 2024, the referrer will receive a free Sybnio Interior Concentrate 1L.
  2. Referrals must be sent by email to and contain the following information:
    • Business Name
    • Business contact details (Owner/manager name, phone number, email address, physical address)
    • Referrer Name and contact details (Full name, mobile number, email address, physical address for shipping)
  3. All contact information collected as part of this promotion will not be shared with any 3rd party.
  4. A reduced shipping fee of $8 will be charged for each shipment of Synbio Interior Concentrate.
  5. Promotion ends on 31 March 2024 or once 100 Free Synbio Interior Concentrates have been shipped to referrers (the earlier of the two).
  6. Referrers can refer more than a single business and be eligible to receive more than one free Synbio Interior Concentrate.