Synbio Shield Intro

A simple explanation how Synbio Shield technology works and how we create healthier indoor environments for you!

Anti-Microbial Resistance: the fightback [Promoted]

Overuse of antibiotics has made Europe’s hospitals danger zones for patients, but the fightback against this deadly risk is being led by COPMA and a team of Italian researchers which has developed ‘PCHS®’ - a hospital hygiene system which could revolutionise our healthcare. PCHS® is now proven to reduce infections by 52%, and antimicrobial consumption is down 61%.

The Probiotic Future of Healthcare by Chrisal

After a decade of international research in academic hospitals, the probiotic cleaning technology from Chrisal has proven to provide an effective cost and live saving hygiene system for the entire healthcare industry. We do need to make changes before it is too late

Cleaning with Probiotics

Resistant bacteria is on the rise. Traditional cleaning products cannot kill resistant bacteria. In fact, they contribute to the emergence of such resistance. Learn how cleaning with probiotics is different.

Does Disinfection Work?

Disinfection is causing pathogens to become stronger and resistant to antibiotics. This video explains why and provides a solution. #antibioticresistance #probiotic #cleaning #antimicrobialresistance

Meet Probo and Patho and Learn how Probiotic Cleaning Works

How Synbio Shield Probiotics work against pathogens? Probo the probiotic bacteria explains.

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